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I believe it is a discrimination to not hiring someone because of the way they do something or the way they are unless it is relevant to how it affects there work. If someone is simply in a relationship than I see no harm in what it would do to their career and if someone hasn't been hired because they are in a relationship then they should do something quick.

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Q: Is it discrimination to not hire somebody in a relationship?
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Her Jewish school principal demonstrated reverse discrimination when he refused to hire anyone that was not Jewish.

Can an employer not hire you because of a spouse's criminal record?

An employer can hire or not hire based on almost any criteria they choose, as long as it does not violate any discrimination law.

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Is the physical measurements required for security guards amounts to discrimination against those who do not meet these requirements?

No. There are all kinds of jobs that have physical requirements because that is what is required to do the job. Not all people can do all jobs and just because you "think" you can doesn't mean you can. The fact that you can't doesn't amount to discrimination. If you don't have the education to be a doctor it is discrimination for a hospital not to hire you? No. If you can't carry a 100 pound hose as a firemen is it discrimination not to hire you? No.

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