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It means that he likes it.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy compliments your hair and smiles at you but with a crocked smile?
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Name something specific a man often compliments a woman on when trying to pick her up?

Eyes Hair Clothes Smile Body

What was Aphrodite physical appearance?

aphrodite was a beautiful young woman with golden long hair. she dressed elegently and loved to wear jewlery. her eyelashes were always curled and she always had a smile on her face. she was the lover of smiles.

How Can you prove to a guy that he's cute?

they know they're cute they just want more compliments. but just say what you like in him, hair eyes personality. ex: lucas is really cute because he has nice hair, and an amazing smile, and the way he sweet talks all the girls.

How do you answer when a woman compliments you for your long hair and im a male?

Thank you.

What does it mean when a guy throws his hair back then smiles?

He is trying to get your attention.

How will you get him?

Be hot, brush your hair and teeth, and smile! :)

What is the best shampoo that makes your hair smell nice?

I always get compliments when I use Herbal Essences.

10 ways if a women liked you?

1.she was beeing nice to you two were hanging out a lot 3.she playfully hits you 4.she laugh's at your jokes 5.she stares at you a lot 6.smiles at you a lot 7.she shares food with you 8.plays with your hair 9.compliments your clothes 10.playfully makes fun of you

When do you know that a woman is interested to you?

if she is mean to you or if she either twirls her hair or smiles real smug

Does Justin Bieber like his fans with short hair?

Yes Justin Bieber likes girls with long or short hair and with big smiles

How do you attract a seventh grade girl?

i am a 7th grade girl,smile at her a lot, brush her hair back ONCE OR TWICE! NO MORE! THEN SHELL THINK UR A CREEPER! compliment her on her clothes or earrings or hair or whatever. look at her a lot-- BUT NOT TOO MUCH! try to look good for her, if you r brave offer to carry her books, if she ses no just smile and say that it looked like she had a lot. if she laughs/smiles/giggles then she probably likes you, or is starting to. ask about her life, talk about yourself just a little.

Does piper perabo has blonde hair?

Yes and she compliments it with highlights just like any other young gorgeous woman:)