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She is really into you!

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Q: What does it mean when a girl touches your face while kissing?
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What does it mean when a girl touches your face gently while looking dazed?

it means she really LOVES you she wants to have every thing for the twoof you

Is kissing the lips good for a girl?

While kissing in the lips its express our feeling so they like it

Where does a girl want a guys hands when kissing?

Around her waist, on her face, or in her hair

Were do you put your hands while kissing a girl?

On her back/waist is the most common, but on the face (watch the makeup!), neck, or shoulders is nice too. Run your fingers through her hair every once in a while.

What does the girl do with her hands while making out?

hug the boy. if you are a boy don't be afraid to hug a girl while kissing her. she'll like it

What are girls turn ons?

neck kissing , gentle touches here and there , every girl is different . try investigate but remember don't be too gropey !

If someone says your face is fuzzy and a girl touches your face what does it mean?

she either is a freak.. or is trying to get you to like her because she doesn't know what else to do.

When should you try to kiss a woman and not get your face slapped?

When you know the girl like you and wouldn't mine you kissing her.

Where should you put your hands around a girl if you were kissing her while sitting?

around her waist

Is it true that when a guy holds your face when kissing means he really loves you?

Not really, I've kissed a girl when holding her face and I didn't really love her

When kissing a girl's cheek what is the probability of her getting annoyed if you slobber on her face?

100% probabability, and a very deserved slap as well!

Who was that girl that mackenize rosman was kissing?

who that girl i saw mackenize rosman kissing that girl was Ashley tistale