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To "be rendered sterile" usually refers to a procedure that leaves a person or animal physically incapable of sexually reproducing. For instance, animal shelters often spay (females) and neuter (male) dogs and cats before they release them to new owners. These procedures render the animals sterile so that they cannot reproduce and contribute to animal over population.

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Q: What does it mean to be rendered sterile?
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Is the skin rendered sterile after a surgical scrub prior to surgery?


Was George Washington sterile?

It is impossible to be certain but it is believed that George Washington was indeed rendered sterile due to a smallpox diagnosis he contracted as a teenager. The Father of Our Country was only father to America, and never had any biological children.

Does sterile mean clean?

Sterile is exposed to disinfection. Some people can be only clean but not sterile, because they suffer for example from eczema.

What does it mean when food is sterile?

Cleanliness does not necessarily have anything to do with sterility. Sterile means that the food does not contain viable organisms. An items could be sterile, but not clean.

What does sterile mean in a animal?

unable to reproduce

What does it mean if a guy is sterile?

cant have kids

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The Darwin Awards are awarded to people who killed themselves (or rendered themselves sterile) in particularly stupid ways, thus improving the gene pool.

What do you mean by the word sterile?

To be sterile means to be unable to conceive children. It also means to be germ free.

Does being sterile mean that you cant get it up?

No, that's being impotent. Sterile means not being able to reproduce; that is, a sterile man cannot father a child.

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No, it means "judgement rendered."

What does it mean if a woman is sterile?

That that woman can't have kids naturally.

If a man's sperm is like water does that mean he is sterile? does

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