What are the Darwin Awards?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Darwin Awards are awarded to people who killed themselves (or rendered themselves sterile) in particularly stupid ways, thus improving the gene pool.

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Q: What are the Darwin Awards?
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What is the name of the person who wrote and directed the Darwin Awards film in 2006?

The movie Darwin Awards was directed and written by Finn Taylor. It is an American Comedy, which re-enacts the original Darwin Awards, but with humour.

Why do you have the Darwin awards?

By having the awards, the act that receives the awards is clearly idiotic. I think that the Darwin Awards are just a way of publicizing the stupidity of certain activities and furthermore benefiting others with such knowledge.

What is a sentence for Darwin?

Charles Darwin was a very famous man.Darwin changed the perspective of nature as we knew it.The Darwin Awards are held each year.

Who started 'The Darwin Awards'?

The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor, created by US scientist Wendy Northcutt to recognize those who have contributed to human evolution by exceptionally negative means.

What awards did Charles Darwin win when and why?

world cup 2014 becuz he was the next albert Einstein

Is paint dangerous for you to breath?

If you have to ask that question the world would be a better place if you suffocated on it. Darwin awards candidate

Who wrote and published the 1999 urban legend overkill?

I found it at the Darwin Awards site, see link below.

State Charles Darwin theory of evolution and who was Charles Darwin?

It was basically survival of the fittest, smartest and fastest. The idea of differential features. Charles Darwin was a scientist and genetic GENEious ( <-pun :D) He studied in the Galapagos islands. And theorised about the birds and their beaks and iguanas. He was inspired to go into further studies and was the "inspiration" for the book "the Darwin awards" which is sort of making fun of him and his theory. :) happy to help

Did Ernst Mayr win any medals or awards?

The Linnean Society Darwin and Wallace medal. Sometime in the early 60's, I think.

What were Charles Darwin's kids names?

William Erasmus Darwin, Anne Elizabeth Darwin, Mary Eleanor Darwin, Henrietta Emma Darwin ("Etty"), George Howard Darwin, Elizabeth Darwin, Francis Darwin, Leonard Darwin, Horace Darwin and Charles Waring Darwin

What were the names of Charles Darwins children?

Charles Darwin had 10 children.William Erasmus Darwin (b. 1839)Anne Elizabeth Darwin (b. 1841)Mary Eleanor Darwin (b. 1842)Henrietta Emma Darwin (b. 1843)George Howard Darwin (b. 1845)Elizabeth Darwin (b. 1847)Francis Darwin (b. 1848)Leonard Darwin (b. 1850)Horace Darwin (b. 1851)Charles Waring Darwin (b. 1856)

What are the impacts on nature caused by floods?

On nature ? None. Floods are part of nature. What floods impact is people, plants, and animals living too close to the water. It's what the Darwin awards are for.