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A lump found behind the ear can indicate a multitude of things. It could possibly be an ingrown hair, or an ackward zit; however, you also have a lymph node behind each ear. If this is swollen it can be visible and painful. It may also indicate an infection; the lymph nodes are one of the body's lines of defenses against infection, they often trap and contain them while your white blood cells can finish them off. A doctor's visit can help to determine which, and medication will reduce the swelling.

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go to the doctors!

Answer # 2: It could be a keloid, which is a type of scar tissue that extends beyond the actual edges of the wound. It could probably also be an abcess, or something like that. Your ear is most likely infected, and I suggest you go to your piercer for help, if possible. Another possibility is that the jewelry material/type is irritating your piercing. You may want to change to titanium or gold. And rings can put extra stress on healing piercings because they get knocked around more. I'm not exactly an expert though, although I do know that hot sea salt soaks tend to help with a lot of piercing-related issues. For better, more specific info, I suggest going to and using the search. But you probably shouldn't take the piercing out; if it's infected, the infection could get trapped and become worse. Doctors don't always know best when it comes to piercings, although I can't say this applies for all doctors. Probably your best bet is to seek out a knowledgeable piercer.


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It could mean anything. You should have a doctor check it out as soon as possible. If it is a cancerous growth, then you will want it caught early.

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Q: What does it mean if you have a lump behind your ear just below the piercing on your ear lobe that grows?
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