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It means he has an unusual foot fetish, or likes having his face trampled on.

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Q: What does it mean if a guy gets sexually aroused by a girl trampling his face with clean barefoot?
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Is it wrong for a Muslim to be attracted to a girl's clean barefoot?

Yes, it is sinful to be sexually attracted to a girl that is not your wife that is licitly married to you. Per Islam religion, gazing is forbidden at girls; or at any body part of a girl; that is not your licitly married wife.

Why does your penis get stiff?

If you mean the foreskin getting stiff, you need to clean your head more and maybe start gently masturbating If you mean your whole penis getting stiff it is because of the blood rushing to it when you become sexually aroused...

When I was shaving I cut my penis and it bubbled up from the cut I am not sexually active How can I fix this?

keep it clean and see a gp

What does it mean if a university guy enjoys being trampled on clean barefoot by girls?

He's a hygienic masochist with a foot fetish. Perfectly capable of functioning in modern society.

Can you get a girl pregnant with a clean penis?

If you are having an erection and is not inside her there is still a risk if you rub it against her since there is pre-ejaculate coming out when you are aroused. If you are inside fo her there is def a risk. The semen comes from the inside so being clean is irrelevant.

Do Islams take their shoes off in a mosque?

yes they do -------------------- yes they do but NOT as a religious ritual but only for hygienic reasons to keep the fine carpets/rugs clean and tidy. If the prayer hall is not carpeted and one's shoes are clean then it's permissible to go in the mosque with shoes. It's also permissible to pray in shoes if shoes are clean (don't have impurity)

Is barefoot running a good or bad idea?

It depends on the type of the road your gonna participate to. It can be bad because you don't have any protection on your feet. It's still okay as long as you clean your feet after running.

Does the bulbourethral gland secrete semen?

Probably not . . . they produce a clear fluid that preceeds male ejaculation in order to lubricate the urethra, neutralize traces of acidic urine, and generally clean the urethra out prior to ejaculation. There are 2 of them, each side of the base of the penis, and are commonly know as Cowper's glands.

Does Alex Gaskarth have herpes?

No, That would be false. In so many ways. Alex is very much sexually clean! I'm pretty sure he would not be engaged if he did!

Why was the shoe invented?

To prevent the wearing down of the soles of feet and to keep them relitively clean and dry.Do you want to go to school barefoot ? Shoes were invented for protection first, and only became a "fashion statement" much later.

Is water clean from the ocean?

No, It is known that a Whale releases 1,000,000,000,000 sperm cells in mating season and they sexually contact 4 times a day, that's why the water is so salty

Do women discharge when not aroused?

Yes, all people with a vagina will have discharge at all times.Discharge is how the vagina stays clean and healthy, discharge flushes out dead cells as well as maintaining healthy pH and protecting vaginal tissues from damage - just like tears in the eyes or snot in the nose. When aroused lubrication is produced by the Bartholin Glands lower in the vagina, this is slightly different to normal vaginal discharge women experience daily.