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He stiil likes/ hates you

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She still likes you.

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Q: What does it mean If your ex boyfriend looks at you everyday and try to get you jealous?
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What does jealous significant other mean?

A jealous (boyfriend girlfriend husband wife) you get it right :)

What does it mean when my ex boyfriend looks at me in a blank way?

If your boyfriend looks at you in a blank way it could mean that he feels neural about you, or that he's trying to appear that he does.

What does it mean when your best guy friend is jealous of the boyfriend I'm dating?

he like you or things that you like something about your boyfriend that he doesn't have

Is your ex boyfriend trying to make you jealous with his ex girl friend?

He might be trying to make you jealous, but he may also just want his ex- girlfriend back. In this case, usually your ex- boyfriend can try to make you jealous which can mean he wants you back and by making you jealous you will come back to him, or it can also mean he is trying to show you how much you need him, but you can't have him. The real answer is, no body can know other the the ex- boyfriend himself.

What does it mean when your boyfriend thinks that you like another guy more than you love him even though you have told him otherwise what should you do?

get another boyfriend because he is jealous and u don't need that get another boyfriend he is jealous and u don't need that

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend looks directly at you when he kisses his new girlfriend in front of you?

He's trying to make you "Jealous"....don't you let him see you sweat. Remember,he was with you first,so she's getting your "Leftovers".

If a boyfriend doesn't get jealous does this mean he isn't very into you?

No, it's no indication of how he feels for you. If someone isn't jealous, it's a sign that they're emotionally healthy.

What does it mean when a guy saw you were waving at someone and he said who your waving at and does it mean he is jealous?

Depends if he looks kinda mad..

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he wants a break?

Basically you need to get over it and make him jealous by getting yourself another boyfriend, who is more reliable and who you can trust.

What does it mean when you and your boyfriend fight almost everyday about another guy?

when you and your boyfriend fight about another guy that is either insecurity or jealousy

What does dreaming of a girl being all over your Boyfriend mean?

it means that your unsure of your relationship with the guy, and that you really like your boyfriend. You get easily jealous if there would be a girl trying to steal your boyfriend.

What does it mean when a girl randomly hugs you then says what if your are cute and she is going out with someone?

she either likes you or she is trying to get her boyfriend jealous, depending on how she acts around you when her boyfriend is present