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It means that you can withstand a hole lot of pain. More then a regular person.

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Q: What does high pain tolerance mean?
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What do you mean by tolerance?

Tolerance means to bear pain or hardship with patience.

Does getting your vertical labret hurt?

It depends on your pain threshold. If you have a low pain tolerance it will hurt more than someone who has a high pain tolerance.

Can high pain tolerance associate with Down syndrome in dogs?


Does having a high tolerance for pain mean you could have a high tolerance for painkillers?

No, pain tolerance and drug tolerance are two almost completely different things. Pain tolerance is mostly psychological; basically how much discomfort you can take before you cave. If a person lives with chronic pain or painful injuries for an extended period of time, the person can eventually get used to it. The mind eventually can rework itself to set that level of pain as its zero point. You still feel the pain, but it doesn't bother you anymore. Drug tolerance (ie painkillers) is physical: your brain is used to a certain level of the drug, and requires more of the drug to feel the effects. Drug tolerance is often the immediate precursor to drug addiction. People with high tolerances for pain often become tolerant of painkillers sometime in their lives, but eventually stop relying on drugs at all.

How long are you in pain after having wisdom teeth removed?

It depends on the person, complications and pain tolerance. I was in a lot of pain for a 6 days and i have a very high pain tolerance. Mine were also not impacted and straight pulls.

Does prince albert piercing hurt?

Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. To give you the degree of pain that you will feel if you get this piercing will depend on your tolerance for pain. If you have a high tolerance for pain then it shouldn't hurt too bad...if you have a low tolerance, it will one of the most pain full experiences of your life. If you think about it, the piercer is putting a tube down your urethra and then sticking a needle into your penis. It's going to hurt but how much is up to your pain tolerance.

Does it hurt when you get your ear piers?

got to have a high pain tolerance... not to bad though.

Use tolerance in a sentence?

I can no longer tolerate waking up at seven in the morning.

How to know if you have a high tolerance of pain?

I think you find out by being in pain (not that I recommend it). Whenever I'm in pain I tend to start laughing uncontrollably, so that's how I deal with it.Addendum:Mythbusters performed an experiment regarding pain tolerance using a large container of ice water. The sensation of submersion in ice water is synonymous with pain, and will give you a good gauge by which you can determine your tolerance level in a relatively safe way.

What is the difference between Pain Threshold and Pain Tolerance?

Pain Threshold is the level at which a person first begins to experience Pain from a stimulus, either artificial or biological. A person's Pain Tolerance level, is the overall level of Pain a person can tolerate before breaking down either physically or mentally. A person's Threshold level increases as their Pain Tolerance increases - this can be achieved either through deliberate means in those who have not been injured or otherwise have no other reason for Pain (Martial Artists are the best example of this) or in those with chronic pain it will occur naturally over time. Martial Artists such as myself use techniques to increase both the Pain Threshold and Tolerance level. It is that training which has provided me with the best pain control over the years, even though I also use very high doses of opiates for pain control. Pain Tolerance can also be elevated with opiate drugs, and is the basis for most pain treatment programs. While human Pain Threshold is relatively low for most people (it doesn't take much to feel pain - even a needle or pin prick will do) Pain Tolerance is another matter. The human body can withstand a lot of pain before breaking down, and for those like me who deal with constant levels of high pain on a regular basis every day, the tolerance level is very high, almost dangerously so.

Does it hurt to get a bar piercing on your ear?

a bar piercing? i think you mean an industiral but it depends on your pain tolerence if you have a high pain tolerance most likely youll feel pinching and preasure but that is it if you have a low pain tolerence of course itll hurt more so but it isnt that bad

Out of a rate between 1 and 10 how much does a tongue piercing hurt?

It all depends on if you have a high or low tolerance for pain. If you can't stand pain, the piercing will be very high on a scale of 1 to 10.

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