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Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. To give you the degree of pain that you will feel if you get this piercing will depend on your tolerance for pain. If you have a high tolerance for pain then it shouldn't hurt too bad...if you have a low tolerance, it will one of the most pain full experiences of your life. If you think about it, the piercer is putting a tube down your urethra and then sticking a needle into your penis. It's going to hurt but how much is up to your pain tolerance.

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Q: Does prince albert piercing hurt
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Did prince Albert have a prince Albert piercing?


How do you get a prince albert piercing?

Go to a tatoo and piercing shop

Do you need to hard to get an prince albert percing?

Do you need to be hard to get a prince albert piercing

Did Prince Albert have the famous piercing bearing his name?


What is an Albert ring?

Also known as a Prince Albert, it is the piercing of the head of the penis.

What is p a stand for?

A Prince Albert. It is a male genital piercing.

Does getting your man roe pierced hurt?

The piercing you are talking about is called a "Prince Albert", and no it does not hurt, everything is anesthetized, and you will only feel a slight pinch, unless you look at the process you might feel differently.

How much does a prince Albert piercing cost at church of steel?

your sick get laid.

Must you be erect for Prince Albert piercing?

Talk to your professional body piercer, the answer is no.

Where is a Prince Albert piercing located on the body?

A standard Prince Albert pierces the urethra under the glans of the penis. Jewelry commonly travels through the urethra and out the end of the urethra at the tip of the penis, and is generally a ring or curved barbell. There is also a reverse PA which is a deep tissue piercing through the back of the penis head and into the urethra.

What is a prince Albert?

male genital piercing which enter from bottom into the urethra and out the pee hole

How do you talk with a guy?

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