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It means good health is a treasure all by itself. If you are extremely rich is doesn't do you much good if your health isn't good and you can't enjoy the money. Rich or not, health is one thing all of us try to aim for.

If you do not have your health you do not have anything. You would begin to use your resources (time, monies) in order to care for yourself. If you are ill enough then you would not be able to work and contribute to society.

In a business sense, healthcare is a booming billion dollar business. As long as there are people there is going to be the need for healthcare, doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. Healthcare is a unique business because we do not perform credit checks on clients prior to rendering care. We provide care regardless of the client's ability to pay. This can get some healthcare facilities in trouble financially, but is still considered important by our society because we tend to value human life more than we value our possessions.

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Q: What does health is wealth mean?
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What does slainte is tante mean?

Health is Wealth

What is health is wealth mean?

It means that if you have a good health you have wealth ,if a richman does not have good health he will die soon and lose his life and would not enjoy it to its fullest but the man who has good health he will live and so it is said health is wealth

What does Talaysha mean?

love health and wealth and dreams

What is other meaning of heath is wealth?

"Health is wealth" basically means the healthier you are the better you feel. Wealth doesn't necessarily mean with money. You can be "rich" in other ways, such as in good health.

What does it mean wealth is better than health?

It means that money is more important than health, which is not true.

What would you choose health or wealth?

Health. If you had more wealth than health, you would have a high chance of dying. And besides, health is more important than wealth anyway.

Why does health is wealth?

If you have the good health you can earn the wealth because when your health is not good you can not even go out and earn money. so, keep a good health then you will have a good wealth.

What is the meaning of the word health is wealth?

health is as if not more valuble than wealth

Paragraph on health is wealth?


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Health, stealth.Some one syllable words that rhyme with wealth are health, stealth.Some two syllable phrases that rhyme with wealth are good health, ill health.Some three syllable phrases that rhyme with wealth are bill of health, mental health.Type your answer here... wealth , stealth

What type of noun is health is wealth?

The term 'Health is wealth.' is a complete sentence made up of:subject = health (a common, uncountable, abstract noun)is = linking verb (a word for a state of being)predicate nominative = wealth (a common, uncountable, abstract noun)

Slogans regarding health care?

- Health is wealth