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Q: What does slainte is tante mean?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Catatan Harian Tante Sonya - 1994?

The cast of Catatan Harian Tante Sonya - 1994 includes: Ayu Azhari as Tante Sonya Poppy Farida Esri Komara

What is aunt in arles?

Arles, France. aunt = tante

Who is Tante Flickman?

In the season 4, episode 19 titled "Afterboom" of the Gilmore Girls, Tante Flickman is a reference Lorelei made to her mother, as her mother was oddly clutching her purse tightly. Note: Tante in Dutch and German means "aunt".The Master's Thesis by Tuire Oittinen, titled "Construction of FTAs in the fictional world of Gilmore Girls" (FTA's are Face Threatening Acts), states, "... the Gilmore-ism is used as an ironic remark of Emily being scared of thieves, since Tante Flickman refers to the deceitful Aunt Augusta in the novel and film Travels With My Aunt."

What actors and actresses appeared in Trostgasse 7 - eine Kindheit in Wien 1934-1938 - 1988?

The cast of Trostgasse 7 - eine Kindheit in Wien 1934-1938 - 1988 includes: Thomas Declaude as Onkel Hermann Sylvia Eisenberger as Mama Fiala Nicole Fendesack as Tante Mia Erik Frey as Grovater Wirth Dorothea Fuchs as Fanny Werner Prinz as Fleischhauer Sascha Salomonowitz as Erich Anja Salomonowitz as Ruth Gideon Singer as Herr Kohn Gusti Wolf as Tante Olga

What actors and actresses appeared in Der Ladenprinz - 1928?

The cast of Der Ladenprinz - 1928 includes: Carla Bartheel Betty Bird as Lucians Kusine Heinrich Gotho Harry Halm as Lucian Der Ladenprinz Paul Henckels as Martin Flamm La Jana as Prinzessin Tatjana Ida Perry as Madame Charlotte Adele Sandrock as Tatjanas Tante Hermine Sterler as Rosanna Emmy Wyda