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I'm pretty sure it just means your being to judgmental of someone or if perhaps your jealus of someone you'll say ignorant things about them and someone will tell you to quit hating on them

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Q: What does hating on someone mean?
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What does love to hate mean?

I think it means that you have to love someone to think that hating them is worth your time

What is racial hatred?

hating someone else because color/ race. whites hating blacks blacks hating whites got it?

What does it mean when someone say you have never had a ways with people as you hating them does that mean they have never hated anyone like that before?

Tell me what that means first.

What does water-loving and water-hating mean?

hydrophobic is water hating and hydrophilic is water loving

What does misandrist mean?

Male-hating. This is a neologism, a back-formation from the word misogynist, which means female-hating

What does self loating mean?

Hating oneself intensely

What does frontin mean?

It could either mean lying or hating, but most likely lying.

How do you make your ex boyfriend from hating you to liking you?

Flirt with someone else to make him jealous.

What does the expression stop Hating mean?

stop being an fukhed to everyone

What does a thin line between love and hate mean?

The phrase a thin line between love and means that both feelings are very intense and passionate. When a person is betrayed that can go from loving someone to hating someone very quickly.

What do you do when someone hates on you?

when someone hates on you, if you know the reason and its a pathetic reason, then that's when you start hating on them too, and if they start abusing you and stuff, that's the moment to punch then square in the face. But if you ont know the reason why theyre hating on you then you ask them why, and try and sort it out.

What constitutes a racist?

One is considered racist by hating someone else because of their race, color, and/or heritage.