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The nerves cells and brain cells have isolating cells around themselves that are called myelin. Demyelination means reduction of the number or size of those cells. Chronic means that the reduction lasts a long time or is permanent. Ischemic means that it is caused by lack of oxygen, which is most often due to bad blood supply.

The condition will reduce the effectiveness of the conduction of nerve impulses or even cause nerve cells to get damaged too.

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Q: What does chronic ischemic demyelination mean?
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What is chronic ischemic change?

Chronic microvascular ischemic changes are when there are tiny blood vessels in the brain that have ruptured or clotted. This causes very small strokes.

What is microvascular ischemic changes?

Chronic microvascular ischemic changes are when there are tiny blood vessels in the brain that have ruptured or clotted. This causes very small strokes.

Few small ill defined irregular t2 flair hyperintensities subcortical white matter of bilateral frontal lobes ischemic demyelination is likely?

What treatment to be given in this case

What is cortical and central cerebral atrophy?

Ischemic Demyelination Sturge webers Hemiatrophy

What is microangiopathic ischemic mean in laymens terms?

what is microangiopathic ischemic

What does chronic microangiopathic ischemic changes mean?

Chronic microangiopathic ischemic changes are areas of the brain that show up during radiology, usually MRIs, that depict clotted off or ruptured blood vessels. These are usually related to other serious conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

What is Two punctate foci of T2 hyperintensity in the subcortical white matter of the lateral anterior left frontal lobe?

Can hyponatremia cause white matter suggestive of minimal chronic microvascular ischemic change. The grey-white differentiation is maintained. minimal chronic microvascular ischemic on a brain scan?

my MRI showed "advanced diffuse involutional changes of the brain parenchyma and chronic white matter microvascular ischemic changes" what is the cause and cure?


What does it mean to have a TID rate of 1.09 in a Nuclear Stress Test?

transient ischemic dilation

Just what is CHR Ischemic hrt dis nos?

This abbreviation stands for Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease Not Otherwise Specified. It refers to a condition where there is reduced blood flow to the heart muscle over time, leading to a lack of oxygen and nutrients. It is a common cause of chest pain and can increase the risk of heart attack.

What is Mild chronic small vessel ischemic changes with hypoattenuation aboout the corona radiate and periventricular white matter of the brain?

Having high blood pressure can greatly increase the possibility of suffering from a stroke or heart attack. An increase of white matter on an MRI scan may help measure both risks. Ischemic changes in white matter, relative to chronic periventricular, are commonly found by examining MRI scans. Ischemic change in white matter can be attributed to diabetes, a high content of fat in the blood and high blood pressure, which all can be attributed to raising the risk of having a stroke.

What happens with demyelination and denervation?

Demyelination and denervation bring about muscle weakness, loss of sensation, or paralysis because the affected nerves cannot transmit signals to muscles.