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you don't like/love them anymore

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Q: What does being over someone mean?
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What does it mean to get the wood over someone?

When being hung in the gallows there would be a wooden frame that the noose's are tied to. So when someone is being hung, wood is over them.

Should you tell someone if someone is being mean to mean?

Yes. You have to tell an adult. We don't need any more wonderful people losing them lives over some jerks.

What does it mean to dream about being sick and someone that has passed on?

This dream suggests that you are "sick with grief" over the loss of this person.

How can you tell if your mean?

If you treat animals badly you're mean. If you treat people badly...then you're mean....and people will almost always tell you that you're being mean if you're being mean. Someone,usually more than one person, will let you know if you're being mean. Feedback from other people is how we learn about ourselves and our shortcomings/faults. When we hear something over and over from others then it's time to think about things.

What does being mad at someone mean?

It means that someone is very attracted to you.

Word for overshadow?

over shadow mean big and large for examle you have over shadow someone over shadow mean big and large for examle you have over shadow someone

What does it mean when someone is intitutionalized mean?

Being kept in somewhere,

When you say someone is in love with being in love what does it mean?

Saying someone is in love with being in love means that they enjoy the feeling of being in love and the excitement and passion that comes with it more than the actual person they are in a relationship with. They may prioritize the romantic ideal of love over building a genuine connection with their partner.

What does it mean when someone is looming over you?

It means someone is looking over you in a perspective way as in watching over you(creepily)

Why should you be mean to someone?

This depends on personal philosophy, but truly being mean to someone implies that they are doing something to intentionally hurt someone else on an emotional level. Therefore, in my opinion, you should never be mean to anyone. Even if someone is being mean to you, and you are forced to react, that does not mean you are being mean to them back, it can simply mean you are defending yourself if you have no intention to hurt that individual.

What does drawn over mean?

its when someone has drawn over what you drew

What does being fond of someone's mean?

Being fond of someone just means that you like the person.