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That mean thats someone is enjoying loving itself and the fact that they love someone else they love it

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2011-10-05 14:06:38
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Q: When you say someone is in love with being in love what does it mean?
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What if someone say they got love for you?

Mean they care about you but are not In Love with you

What does it mean when you tell someone you love them but all they say is oooo?

They either don't love you, or they aren't ready to say it.

What is meant by I really fabricates you?

Its mean to like someone or you can say love.

When someone says they love you in a dream?

whan someone say i lovee u in a dream what does it mean

When someone tells you that they love you and wants to be with you for the rest of their life how do you know if they mean it?

tell them to say i love you and then if they laugh they don't mean it

What do you say when you love someone?

I will say I love you

What does it mean if someone says I love you but I am not in love with you?

well you dont love her/him so just forget about it.when they say that, they mean that they have love for you, and they care about you. there is a difference between loving someone and being IN LOVE with someone. when you are in love, nothing can shake those feelings. you would do anything for that person, and seeing them brightens up your day. when they touch you, its almost as if your problems go away. its actually rather difficult to explain....

When do you say you love someone?

Well... it depends on the person. Don't say it to early but say it when you really truly mean it. I wish you the best! Say it when you feel it and truly mean it. In order to find true love, love on your own terms.

If someone says they love you and you love them do you tell them?

Yes, if you truly love that person and you know that when they say they love you, they are being truthful, then you should tell them!

What does a guy mean when he say his heart belong to someone?

Euphemism for in love with someone else, i.e. taken.

HOW to make someone love you?

Unfortunately, I have found out in this life that there is no such thing as being able to 'make someone love you'. Love is something that is either there, or it isn't. It doesn't matter what you do or say, if someone does not love you on their own, you cannot make them do so.

How do you say my love in Swedish?

If you mean my love as in the love you have for someone/something, then it's min kärlek.If you are referring to the person you love then it is min kära.

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