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Well, it pretty much means that they hate you. If they are being sarcastic then they prbably mean to because they don't want to give you a real hug!!

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Q: What does a sarcastic hug from the opposite gender mean?
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What does it mean when a guy said give me a hug?

he either likes you, wants to cheer you up, or is being sarcastic.

What is the opposite of trickle?


What does it mean when a single woman does a full frontal hug to a married man?

It's just a hug. Friends do that between each other regardless of gender. It's in no way a proof of cheating or any romantic interest in each other.

In portuguese how to say hug?

Hug = abraçocuddle = an affectionate, amorous hug.

How do you say hug in welsh?

In Welsh, you say "cwtsh" to mean hug.

How do you say send you a Big hug in Hebrew phonetic?

It depends on the subject of the sentence. It also depends on the gender of the subject and the gender of the recipient. For example: I (masculine) send you (masculine) a big hug = ani shole'akh lekha khibuk gadol we (masculine) send you (feminine) a big hug = anakhnu shol'khim lakh khibuk gadol They (feminine) send you (masculine) a big hug = hen shol'khot lekha khibuk gadol

What does it mean if you hug a girl but she does not hug you back and lets you hug her at the same time?

she probably just wants to get to know you better

What does abrazarte mean in English?

"abrazarse"= to hug (someone) abrazarte= to hug yourself. "te doy un abrazo" (I hug you)

What does Bunny hug mean in Canada?

a bunny hug is referred to as a hooded sweatshirt in Saskatchewan

What does the Japanese word datte mean?

To hug. Grammtically it's imperative. You can translate it as "hug me".

What does te abrazo mean?

It means "I hug you".

You went in for a handshake and he pulls you in for a hug. What does it mean?

she likes you, or wanted a hug. depends on your realitionship,