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That means that you are very beautiful, and that you act as if you were not a man :)

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Q: What does a man really mean when he tells you you are all woman?
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What does a man mean when he kisses the woman all over her face to the lips breathes really hard and then tells her when he's finished that he wants her so bad?

He wants to have sex with that woman.

What does it mean when a man tells a woman that all he wants to do is make tremendous love to her?

means he loves her very much .

If a guy jokingly tells you to call him all the time does this really mean he wants you to?

Probably, do it and see what happens.

Why is American woman different from woman it other culture?

I would have to say that all ppl are different. No matter where from and all ppl are the same. We all want the same things out of life. And to compare American women to just other cultures tells me you really don't have a question.

What does it mean when a woman tells a man she is flattered?

Basically all it means to try to please by complimentary remarks or attention.

What does it mean when guinea squeak?

they squeak a lot and it pretty much tells what there mood is. for example, if its really high pitched and loud then their hungry. if you have an ipod or an iphone then you can download an app that i have called 'piggies' and it tells you what all the different noises mean. hope i helped!!

If you have a girlfriend she tells to marry what to do?

It all depends on if you Really love her or not

What does truth in time tells all mean?

"Truth in time tells all" means that after time, you will get the answers you need.

A man tells a woman that she is nice and loving person but he is not ready for all that?

then tell her or him that. Say that if he or she really likes him or her he or she will wait, if they truly love each other than they will wait because they r crazy about them!!

Is it flirting if a married man tells a married woman that she is pretty?

No, it is not flirting if a man admires a pretty woman (married or not) and tells her. The point is 'you can look, but don't touch.' Men of all ages admire a pretty woman and women of all ages admire a handsome looking man.

What is on a map legend?

The legend on a map is the box in one of the corners that tells you what all the symbols mean

If a man has his hands all over a woman and seems to be really turned on by her yet then tells you he really wasn't physically attracted to her but just was into her for sex is that possible?

Sadly, yes, it is possible to get "turned on" just because a person (male or female) is looking for just sex.