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means he loves her very much .

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Q: What does it mean when a man tells a woman that all he wants to do is make tremendous love to her?
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What does a man want when he tells a woman his true desires and passions for her?

It means he wants his true desires and passions to come true. It could be a bit flattering for a woman to hear a man profess his love for her in that way. It could be a bit creepy if the guy professing his love for her is not someone she wants to be with.

What does it mean when a married woman tells a man that she is getting closer him?

When a married woman tells a man she is getting closer to him (if it is not her husband she is speaking too) means she is falling in love with him or wants to have an affair. If the male was smart he would hit the ground running and not get into an affair with her.

When a guy tells you he's in love with you and wants you to be part of his family what is he meaning?

He wants to marry you

What do you do if your in love with somebody that has a girlfriend and he tells you he is in love wit you to and wants to marry you?

you marry him then do the nasty

He tells you he wants you needs you but does not love you the way you love him What does this mean?

He wants you for sex but not much more. Don't waste your time on him. He is a player and will not respect you or return your love.

How to make love with a tall woman?

give her what she wants

Is it good when a guy tells you he wants to make you fall in love with him?

Yes, always!

How do you know if a woman wants sex?

You could see it in the woman's eyes. You would see love. When she tries to sit closer to you, we she kisses you more often, when she tells you that she loves you, or she tells you that your amazing. Women like sex just like men. If she loves you and isn't a hygiene freak, then you make a move for sex then.

What could be the cause of your boyfriend who tells you after you have made love with him that you are not what he wants in a woman but he keeps coming back for more?

Simply, you are giving him something he wants fight now. It does not mean he cares about you, or even really likes you, it simply means he enjoys having sex with you.

What does it mean when a guy tells you Bye Love but we are just friends?

it means that he wants to have sex

Why Men Does Get Married?

Why do men gets married is a good question. They are in love, they don't want to loose the woman his in love with. And he wants to have a family from this woman..

What is the meaning of Give In To Me by Michael Jackson?

He wants a woman who will love him without apprehensions and questions, he doesn't want to take any rubbish anymore, he just wants the woman to love him and quit playing games with him.