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A high liver count means that the liver enzymes are at a high rate. Some causes of a high liver count are Hepatitis A, B, or C, obesity, heart failure, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It could also signal liver cancer, Mono, and cirrhosis.

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Your liver count could be high if you drink a lot of alcohol or you could possibly have the Hepatitis virus (usually type C). Blood centers perform a licensed test for the HCV virus when you donate blood.

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Q: What does a high liver count mean?
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What does it mean to have a liver count of 1.8

Is 90 a high count for liver enzymes?

is a elevated count of 90 high for liver enzymes

High ALT count what does that mean?

An elevated ALT count means that there is something wrong with the liver. Possible liver injury, hepatitis, or too much alcohol.

What does a low liver count mean?

Low liver count is an indication that the liver is not functioning as it should be. This may be an indication of hepatitis or any other form of liver damage.

What is the remedy for high liver count caused by too many medications?

Chart for liver counts

What causes a high liver count and is it reversable?

High liver count is caused by damage to, and death of, liver cells. Enzymes leak out into the blood, and these can be counted and thus provide the liver count.Cause are many, but alcoholism and drug abuse are major contributors. Hepatitis, inflammation of the liver is another.Also, mononucleosis will cause increased liver count.These are a few of a great many causes to high liver count.Also, some medications will cause a higher than normal liver count.A high liver count is usually reversible. This is due to the livers high ability for regeneration even after massive damage.

Would ibuprofen cause high liver count?

6 to 12

On a recent blood test for my liver my LDH count was 128 and my GGTP count was 87 what does that mean?


What causes a high white count and low platelets?

Liver cancer/ leukemia

Is a liver count of 1400 very high?

It can be at some times. At least I think so

How high does alpha fetoprotein tumor marker count go in liver cancer?

I am not sure how high they can go but mine was 6800

Will a baby with a high bilirubin count and jaundice be affected by it later in life?

Probably not, unless the count is maintained at very high levels for a long time, or it's a result of a liver problem.