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In medicine and nursing, gross and grossly have distinct meanings. Imprecisely, it means "very much", "so much", "definitely", "absolutely", "positively", "very noticeably", etc.

Patient records often contain these kind of examples:

  • Motor strength grossly intact. (Meaning: motor strength is very much normal)
  • Grossly obese. (Or... Morbidly obese.) (Meaning: Patient is extremely obese, but some doctors often use this if a patient is more than 25 pounds overweight.)
  • Neuro exam grossly WNL. (WNL means within normal limits, so, very much WNL.)
  • Reflexes grossly intact. (Meaning: Reflexes very much within normal limits.)
  • Gross evidence of pus and blood in urine. (Means, can see a lot of pus and blood without lab testing, unless a test is specified.) OR, Gross hematuria (means lot of blood in urine and can be seen even without testing)
  • Grossly normal gait. (Meaning: The patient's walking or gait couldn't be any more normal.)

NOTE: Doctor's notes are not written as complete sentences. Please do not edit these examples.

Any area of examination could include the adjectives of gross or grossly. In fact, sometimes if a patient's chief complaint is about one thing in particular, but the exam shows absolutely no reason for the symptom, the doctor will be more inclined to use gross or grossly as the adjective to describe "absolutely nothing found" or "absolutely normal".

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Q: What does Motor strength grossly intact mean?
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Grossly preserved means that to the naked eye, it looks intact.

What does the term grossly intact mean when referenced to a uterus?

It means that there are no problems obvious tot he naked eye.

What does Peripheral vision grossly intact mean?

Your eyes, when looking straight forward, can normally see an area comparable to a half-circle from left to right. The areas left and right of your direct line of vision in front of you are the areas of your 'peripheral vision'. If these are 'grossly intact' it's good news, 'grossly' meaning 'roughly speaking'.

What does it mean when it say the bony thorax is grossly intact?

On a chest x-ray, this means that the bones are seen as normal, without pathology.

What does CN 2-12 intact with grossly nonfocal exam mean?

This note is good news; it means the physical examination of the function of your cranial nerves was normal.

What does grossly maintained mean in medical terms?

Gross means appearance without the aid of a magnifying instrument. An example of this is gross anatomy, which is a study of how the body looks without the aid of a microscope. Grossly maintained means that upon initial inspection it was maintained

What does grossly intact posterior elements mean?

"Grossly intact posterior elements" typically refers to the structures of the spine at the back part of the vertebrae, including the laminae, facets, and spinous processes, being fully preserved without any significant damage or disruption. This term is often used in medical imaging reports to describe the condition of the bony structures in the spine.

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pancreas grossly normal

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Grossly tender means it obviously hurts when touched.

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Grossly benign means that to the naked eye, it does not appear dangerous.