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pancreas grossly normal

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Q: What does grossly normal pancreas mean?
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What does grossly unremarkable mean at L5-S1 mean on MRI report?

Grossly unremarkable means there is nothing interesting to talk about, its normal.

What does it mean pancreas is unremarkable by CT scan?

If the pancreas is unremarkable, it means that the pancreas appears normal.

What does grossly unremarkable gallbladder mean?

A grossly unremarkable gallbladder is good news. It means that on observation, probably of an imaging study, it looks normal.

What does it mean when it say the bony thorax is grossly intact?

On a chest x-ray, this means that the bones are seen as normal, without pathology.

What does grossly tender mean?

Grossly tender means it obviously hurts when touched.

What does grossly patent mean?


What is grossly unremarkable osseous nasal exam?

Unremarkable in medical terms means normal. A grossly unremarkable osseous nasal exam means the nose bones looked normal.

What does grossly benign mean?

Grossly benign means that to the naked eye, it does not appear dangerous.

What is medical term grossly stable?

Grossly stable means the situations appears about the same as last time using normal examination techniques.

What does grossly normal macula mean red eyes?

Physicians use "gross" or "grossly" as descriptors meaning "absolutely", "positively", "majorly" "big time" plus whatever word follows. So "grossly normal" means "the macula is absolutely, positively, majorly, big time" NORMAL. The macula is part of the back of the retina, where the occular nerve enters. The macula and retina are part of the eye. Redness of the scleras (the whites of the eye) occur usually from irritation but not from anything abnormal with eye structures.

What does CN 2-12 intact with grossly nonfocal exam mean?

This note is good news; it means the physical examination of the function of your cranial nerves was normal.

What is the meaning of 'grossly intact' when referring to a uterus?