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well if your a complete t*at youll laugh at her and join in (my bf coughcough)

if you actuall care about her youll defend her "your just jelous she has a life" or "just cuz she has friends" or go with some classic yo momma jokes. theyll back off soon enough

Don't engage in childish behavior. Take her arm and say " Let's go someplace where we can find some intelligent conversation. " and walk away .

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Q: What do you say when someone is making fun of your girlfriend?
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What are cool jokes to say if someone is making fun of you?

call them a chubby butt. then they will rue the day they ever made fun of you.

What do if someone is making fun of your mom?

throw down!! haha jk hum.......say something back

Is your girlfriend breacking up with you?

Well, only if you're ignoring her or making fun of her. That you didn't mean to say or do. You got your self in the wrong place. You should say your sorry. If not, you got your girlfriend break with you. That she doesn't like what you're doing to her.

What do you say if someone calls your girlfriend hot?


What do we generally mean when say putting in someone's shoes?

For example if you were making fun of someone because they're ugly, someone might tell you, "put yourself in their shoes." That means try to imagine how they feel.

How do you ask someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?

say be my boy friend

How do you stop someone from flirtting with you girlfriend?

You should confront that guy that is flirting with your girlfriend about it. You should say hey i am not cool with you flirting with my girlfriend and i dont like it. Maybe after you say something he will stop but if not then idk haha....

What do you say if a guy ask you what you think of him and you rerally like him but he has a girlfriend?

You can say something like "I like hanging around with you" or "You're fun to hang out with".

Is it ok to flirt with someone who you know has a long-term girlfriend and subsequently get into a relationship with him straight after his break-up?

As they say all is fair in love and war. if he has broken up with the old girlfriend and you want to be his new one then there is nothing wrong with you making a move on him. If there is no nuptial agreement between them there is nothing wrong with you making a move anyway.

Your ex boyfriend friends say he still likes you but he has a girlfriend what do you do?

Nothing. He has a girlfriend. He did not say he wanted to go out with you, he said he likes you. You can like someone without wanting to go with them.

Should I bring my girlfriend home to meet my wife?

I say why not, she already knows. Maybe we can all 3 have fun.

What does the phrase 'dish it' mean?

To "dish" is short for "dish it out," which comes from the saying "you can dish it out but you can't take it." This is a sarcastic thing to say to someone who is laughing and making fun of other people, but who gets mad and pouts when someone makes fun of them back. "Dish it" would mean to talk trash, spread gossip, make fun, or generally talk bad about people.