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Q: What do you say if someone calls your girlfriend hot?
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What if someone calls you a tramp what do you say?

Welll, I've been called worse. I was called" your girlfriend".

What does a ghost say when he calls his girlfriend on the phone?

it depends on the ghost ;O

What do you say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone in high-School?

There are several things one can say when your girlfriend calls you on the phone. You can ask how their days went, if they want to see a movie, or just ask about their hobbies.

What if someone calls you beautiful?

You say thank you

How do you answer when someone calls you beautiful?

You say Thank you.

Why does your girlfriend answer your texts but not your phone calls?

Hard to say. Maybe you should ask her.

What to say when someone calls you fat?

You should say nothing and just ignore it.

What do you say to a hot guy you don't know for the first time?

Say hi. it worked for my girlfriend.

What do you say if someone calls you cool?

then you must have a cool story then bro

How do you ask someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend?

say be my boy friend

What do you do when a boy calls you cute but he has a girlfriend?

This is tough. If you don't like this guy then say, "I'm glad you think that but you really do have to remember the fact that you do have a girlfriend." If you are crushing on this guy say "Your cute too but you have a girlfriend." and walk away. =) HOPEFULLY THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How should you react a boy calls u hot?

You say u ugly boy

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