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I don't have a boyfriend, but I guess you called "dear" or "honey"!

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hottie sweetie or hun

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Q: What do you nickname your boyfriend?
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What should you nickname your boyfriend?

you should nickname your boyfriend that you can combind his name into for example if his name was braden brady cady. It does not have to make sense he is your boyfriend and any nickname will show that you like him.

What if your boyfriend calls you baby as a nickname what is your nickname to him?

Babe, handsome, etc.

What does it mean to say papito to your boyfriend?

It's a Latin nickname for your boyfriend. I call my boyfriend papito :)

What is a good boyfriend nickname for marshall?


What is a cute nickname to call your boyfriend?


What is a good boyfriend nickname for Hayden?


What the first boyfriend of Lady Gaga?

His nickname was Speedy

What is a cute nickname for your gay boyfriend?

googalli bear

How do you say 'i love you' to your boyfriend?

Like this Girlfriend: Hey babe/baby.whatever nickname you call him Boyfriend: Hey (whatever nickname he calls you Girlfriend: I love you Done and done

What is a cute nickname for your boyfriend?

an cutte nickname could be: Teddy(bear), hootie,baby,sweety A cute nickname could be... Lover, Sweetie, Honey, Cutie, and names like that. My boyfriend's nickname is May May. I know it might sound stupid but that's the point!

What should you call your boyfriend with a lovely nickname?

well I would call my boyfriend honey or sweety or sexy!

On Chuck what is the nickname for Elle's boyfriend Devon?

captain awesome