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It's a Latin nickname for your boyfriend. I call my boyfriend papito :)

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Q: What does it mean to say papito to your boyfriend?
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What does papito mean?


How do you say 'daddy' in Spanish?

"Papi" or "papito".

What does hola papito mean?

According to Google Translate, it means "hello daddy"

Does Miley have her eye on someone right now?

Yes, Papito Fiero. And you better watch out because he is a mean one.

Que estas haciendo anoche papito?

This question doesn't really make sense because it means, "What are you doing last night, daddy?" It would be more appropriate to say, "¿Qué estabas haciendo anoche, papito?" or "What were you doing last night, daddy?"

What does it mean when your boyfriend ignores what you say?

that means that your in a normal relationship

What does boy friend mean?

well it could mean to things . 1. some people say boyfriend as if they are dating. AND 2. Other people say boyfriend as a boy that is just a friend.

What does it mean when a boyfriend tells you he really likes you?

that he wants to say he loves you, but hes afraid to say it to you.

Should you say sorry to your bf?

if by bf you mean boyfriend then yes!

When is the best time to say love you to your boyfriend?

There really isn't a specific time to say it, just do it when you mean it.

What does your boyfriend mean what do you want from him?

oy cheeky that not a very appropriate thing to say

How do you say boy?

Ragazzo is a boy (can also mean boyfriend). Ragazza is girl (can also mean girlfriend).