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Tell him the truth... first of all understand what it is that your feeling.. DO NOT LIE TO HIM.. ist ok that two people develop feelings at different speeds.. i was waiting for my BF to tell me and he told me that he knew i was waiting for him but he had some things in his head he had to sort out... it meant alot to him to say it so he wanted to say it and mean it.. that made me more confident that when he was ready to say it.. it was full of meaning and i knew that he meant it...

tell him that you have to work out some stuff in ure head... that when you do say it to him you want to mean it with every fiber of ure body... maybe u need somthing from him... my BF needed reassurence that i loved him and that i had confidence in us. Just dont lie and be honest its a good foundation to start on..

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Q: What do you do when a guy says i love you way to soon?
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When a guy says love ya what does it mean?

its the guy way of telling you he loves you. but by the word "ya" instead of "you", its not being too meaningful..

What does it mean when a guy says but i love you in a joking teasing way?

When a guy says "but I love you" in a joking or teasing way, it could be his way of expressing affection in a light-hearted manner. He may be playfully acknowledging a humorous situation or comment, while still conveying his feelings for you.

What does it mean when a guy says I love the way you kiss?

It means that he wants to move on to the main event (intercourse of course)

What it mean when a guy says for you anything?

When a guy says he would do anything for you, it typically means that he cares about you deeply and is willing to go out of his way to make you happy or support you in any way he can. It shows a high level of commitment and selflessness in his feelings towards you.

What does it mean when a guy says I love you in fractured English like 'I Wub you' or 'Wub Wu' I know what he means but does it have an underlying meaning?

He could be just trying to be cute. As long as he also says it the real way..."I Love YOU."

What should you do if you love a guy who has a girlfriend that he's cheated on but still loves and says that he loves you?

you don't trust him. the way you are saying about the guy it seems. he is a big cheater. how can a guy have 2 girls at same time. he is cheating at you.

How do you know a guy is in love?

If a guy is truly in love, then will know by the way he looks at her, acts with her and talks about her when she is not there.

What does a guy truly mean when he says i like your face?

When a guy says he likes your face it means he likes the way that you look.

What to do if your best friends brother has a crush on you?

Well first ask your friend if she approves of you going out with him soon. If she says yes, go for it. If she says no, then just go for another guy. It depends if you like him the same way and if your best friend is okay with it.

What guy sings the song I love to love I love the way you love me?

Martina McBride

What does it mean when a guy says he is not the type of guy for you?

the guy who says that to make you stay away from him, and yeah that guy who says it likes u. It could also be his way of letting you down easily (ie. he is not interested but thinks it will hurt you).

What do girls do when a guy says he likes them?

we, as girls, get shy easily, but if a guy says he likes you then you should be honest to him. tell him if how u really feel. we normally love it when someone likes us though we don't show it we like it even if we dont fell the same way.