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it doesnt really matter, but if your serious about yourself being unattractive, then i suggest surgery. maybe like a face lift. but really, there will be someone out there that will like how you look. AND IGNORE THE HATERS <3 <3 !!! :}

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Depends on what kind of ugly. if you mean all over, heres some stuff in steps:

1. go to a hair salon and ask the hairdresser which style would look nice on you, dye if nessecary.

2. go home and look at your face, pluck unnessecary hair from eyebrows, upper lip, etc...

3. give yourself an egg mask, sperate the yolk and the white, then whisk the whit etill it is a little frothy then apply it over your face. wait till it dries. then wash it off. then use the yolk - apply it all over your face then wait for it to dry. then wash it off. benefits - the white tightens your skin, and makes you fairer and makes your skin glow. the yolk is a natural moisturiser.

4. go through your wardrobe. get a fashionable friend/stylist to assist you and re-do your wardrobe, getting rid of whatever is really "yesterday".

5. lastly, use the fashionable friend/stylist to help you choose your makeup. make yourself over and then see how you look.

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Keep your head held high, be confident about yourself! Everyone is beautiful in their own way.. Even though you might not think so.

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Q: What do you do if your unattractive?
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