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Since you don't state your age or his this is hard to answer. If you are in your teens and he is an adult you do nothing. As an adult he can be charged with sexual abuse or rape if he was sexually involved with you as someone who is under the age of consent. The older you get the age difference makes less a difference to society. I would suggest that if you are a young person be friends with him and admire him from a distance while never telling him how you feel.

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Go for it it dosent matter what your friends think if you like someone they have good characteristecs/qualities and they like you back


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Do what your heart tells you to do, it is your life.

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Q: What do you do if you like a guy who way older than you?
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How to confess to a guy one year older than you?

Same way as anyother guy

Could you get in trouble if you are a girl dating a guy that is 16?

if you are way older or younger than him then yes you can.

I'm in love with a guy really older than you what should you do?

Well,this is a tough one.If you really love him,you'll know.If you like the way he looks,that's not love-it's just the way he looks.but if he's really a good guy,i say go for it!

How can you tell if a guy that you dont know and is 4 years older than you likes you?

Just come out and ask him. Being straightforward and honest is the best way to be in these situations. If you like him, tell him!

You like this guy but he is 4 years older then you what should you do?

wait til ur older. it may seem stupid now but it is the safe way to play it.

How do you get a guy that is a year older then you?

Same way you would get a guy any age, love him.

How do you tell someone way older than you than you love them?

I don't know, my crush is 4 years older than me, and he's gradguating from my school in like 2 months....and I love him; he doesn't know! like that helps _________________________________________________________________ lol well i managed to tell a guy 13 yrs older than me i loved him..... =o lol hehe but the how part, i kinda just told him lmao. yeah sorry if I'm not much help i was just letting you know.

Can an older man still get nervous around a woman he likes?

If the older Guy is mature than Yes im sure he Can. Because, he is expirenced in this kind of stuff.

How do a know if the guy that you like is gay?

There's no better way to find out than ask the guy if he's gay. That way you will know and can move on if he is gay.

Can a girl date someone if the guy is older than them?

Yes i don't see why it is a problem but if he is way to old then maybe it may not be too OK

What to do when you like a guy but his year younger brother likes you but you don't like him you like his older brother?

If the younger brother admits that he likes you, say you don't feel the same way, but NEVER be rude or give confused signals. If you like the older brother than either wait 'till he comes round to you or simply straight up tell him your feelings about him.

What should I do if Im a 16 year old guy and I like a 20 year old girl coworker I am out of high school and enrolled in college?

Ask her out you goose!!!! WAIT!!!!! try to find out if she likes you before you do anything... i like a guy who's WAY older than me, and i would ask him out, but i don't want him to get in toruble. xD