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In what way? Like I mean who?

A boyfriend?

Best friend?




It happens more than you may think. For example, crooked business people. Bernie Madoff stole millions from people who trusted him. I'm sure every single one of them felt like their lives were stolen. Enron in Houston, Tx., because of their fraudulent activities, basically stole the lives of the employees by pretty much stealing their investments, retirement money, everything. Many lives were ruined over that. Particularly in business, one or more people can ruin or basically steal someone's life from them by choosing to engage in fraudulent activities and they oftentimes involve unsuspecting individuals who get dragged down the tubes with the bad one when they get caught.

I guess there are other ways that someone could steal your life or make a person feel that way at least, but I'm not totally sure how to explain that kind of situation.

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Q: What do you do if you feel like someone stole your life?
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