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Hold your breath Look for somewhere else to do it discreetly if you can.

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Q: What do you do if you do not have a toilet but are going to throw up?
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Where did Elizabethan people throw away their toilet waste?

Up they bum

I you die on the toilet do you still urinate?

Yes cuz u urinate and throw up when you die

Why should you not throw toilet paper in the toilet bowl?

You should throw it in the bowl. That is the correct place for it, just not huge clumps of it.

What happens if you throw an m80 down the toilet?

the toilet will either blow up into pieces or mess up the pipes causing water to be everywhere if caught you could be in trouble or kicked out and forced to pay for a new toilet so dont mess up the toilet if you aint got the money to fix it

Why do you look at your dirty toilet paper before you throw it in the toilet?

Because it is disgusting.

How do you waste?

Flush it down the toilet, or you can throw it out.

Can you throw Clorox wipes down the toilet?

No I just did that yesterday and it clogged my toilet and it will not unclog for the life of me

Why shouldn't you throw toilet paper in the toilet?

You can in most countries except those that have weak plumbing

What should you do with your dirty period pads?

Wrap them up in toilet paper or in a nappy bag and throw them away. Don't flush them down the toilet because they won't flush and will clog the loo.

What does you are going to Ralph mean?

It means you're going to throw up. Probably an onomatopoeia.

Why do you go toilet?

Without you going to the toilet, you will end up getting your cloths wet and the street would be full nasty stuff.

How can you get rid of some of your fish?

throw them down the toilet!!