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A mentally healthy person is safe

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Q: What do you call a person that is mentally healthy?
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How can be a person called healthy?

a person is called healthy if he/she is mentally,emotionally and physically fit.

What are Two characteristics of a person is mentally healthy?

Happy, strong

How will describe a mentally healthy person?

Technically a mentally health person is a person who is able to function on a high level. For example, is able to look after themselves on a day-to-day basis. However, mentally healthy people can still get mental diseases such as depression, where they can function well.

Is it important to be mentally healthy or physically healthy?

Mentally and physically.

What is the word for mentally healthy or sound?

To be mentally healthy and sound, is to be sane!

What it means to be healthy mentally?

If you are mentally healthy, you have a clear view of the world and have no mental disorders.People who aren't mentally healthy have alzheimer's disease, have brain damage, have a multiple personality disorder, etc. Most people are mentally healthy.

What do you call to the person who is unconsciously talking to himself?

this might be mentally disturbance

Why is it important to stay mentally healthy?

It is important because if your not mentally healthy you can get sick or other stuff.

How can defined mentally healthy person?

A mentally healthy person is typically able to cope with life's challenges effectively, maintain healthy relationships, have a positive self-image, and manage their emotions in a balanced way. They may also exhibit resilience in the face of stress and have a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their lives. Regular self-care, seeking support when needed, and practicing healthy habits can contribute to mental well-being.

How do you get a mentally ill person into a hospital if never diagnosed?

If the person gets out of control you need to call an ambulance and they can get the person to the medical care he or she needs. The ambulance personnel are trained on dealing with the mentally ill person. If you have to call your own doctor and see if he or she can help you with the matter. Some mentally ill people have had to be tricked into getting help but it is better if you have medical personnel help you get the proper care you need for him or her.

If to be mentally sound or healthy?

It means to be in the state of having a sound and vigorous body and fully-functioning mind.Dictionary definitions of "healthy":1. enjoying sound health 2. functioning well or being sound: the company's finances are not very healthy 3. conducive to health; salutary 4. indicating soundness of body or mind: a healthy appetite 5. informal: considerable in size or amount: a healthy sum

Define total person's.?

A person who are prepared to face the challenges in life .Because he/she has the values,discipline,knowledge,preparedness,mentally,emotionally and physically healthy person. by; Dennis LU.