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they like the smell of lavender vanilla,it makes them "happy" They also like the smell of apple pie. Oddly enough, it's arousing because it reminds them of their mother.

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Q: What do men like women to smell like?
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Why do men smell women's hair?

They find it smells good. Men like the smell of a woman.

Is Fudge cologne or perfume intended for men, women or both, and does it really smell like yummy chocolate?

It does smell exactly like chocolate and is perfect for both men and women.

What are the difference between male and female sense of smell?

women have a criticle sense of smell due to the nice febreeze smell they are most use to while men usually smell things that to women is discusting to men is well an everyday smell.

Can women smell better than men?

no. it is a scientifficaly proven fact that men have more sensitive noses and can smell things before and better than women can.

Why do men love the smell of a women?

The weird fact would be that men hated the women's smell. So, they stayed far away from them, and no children could be generated.

How do you differentiate men and women body spray with smell?

Put 'Men's' on the colone and put 'Women's' on the perfume

Do men's and women's feet smell differently?

yes men excersize and work out more so their feet sweat and smell more,

Are there men who like the smell of men's feet?

Yeah, I like to smell other men's feet.I enjoy in it,but only on handsome guys....

Why do women smell bad after defecating?

For the same reason men smell bad - poop stinks.

Can men smell more smells than women?

30% more scents than women

Why do women have a better sense of smell than men?

we are just more feminine than men

Why doe men like to smell womens feet?

Because to some men, feet are as beautiful as the woman's face, breasts etc. Not all men like to smell feet and those that do like to smell feet, do like all feet.