What do hot flashes feel like?

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Hot flashes cause you to sweat and your face gets red and flushed. You may feel sick to your stomach and dizzy. Often times it requires you to sit or lie down for a moment.

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Q: What do hot flashes feel like?
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Having Hot flashes nausea and fainting what is it?

Hot flashes, nausea, and fainting could be the flu. You will often feel hot, then cold, be very sick to your stomach, and faint because of dehydration.

Why do you have hot flashes at age 27?

Its called hot pants not hot flashes.

How does Gadolinium make you feel while inside the MRI tube?

usually no symptoms but sometimes you can get dizzy, nausea, feel like you gotta pee-pee or hot flashes. @/0_0\@

Does hot flashes burn calories?

if you mean hot flushes as to hot flashes then yes they do.

What causes hot flashes?

One main reason for hot flashes is menopause. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause of hot flashes.

Can i have hot flashes removed from my body?

No, hot flashes can't be removed from the body. You will need to go to your MD to find out why you are having hot flashes.

Is hot flashes a sign of pregnancy?

yes hot flashes is a sign of pregnancy.

Does apple cider vinegar stop hot flashes?

i would like to know

Are hot flashes signs of pregnancy?

Many women have hot flashes towards the end of pregnancy because of the 'central' heating. But if you think you may be pregnant hot flashes are not a symptom.

Are hot flashes hyperthermia?


What makes your body feel like it's burning hot worse than hot flashes?

when i get so hot its because of eather over doing it or getting to upset but now im having pain with it my bones and joints are feeling like they are getting attacked help laura fishel

Do all menopausal women experience hot flashes?

No, it is possible to go through menopause without hot flashes.

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