What do guys consider hot?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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People with the name's of- Kate & Shannon.

If you know anyone by one of those names

you must ask them out right after reading

this. Yes, I do go to school with them. They

are as you American's call "Smokin". Yes,

Please follow these directions. Thank-you for


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Q: What do guys consider hot?
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What guys are hot?

guys with smokin hot bods are hot guys. when there are veins in there arms cuz they are so muscley, that's hot.

Why are guys hot looking?

because they are guys and guys are hot i mean well some of them are lmaoo

Are vampires guys hot or ugly?

They are hot.

If mutliple guys says you are hot are you?

Since multiple guys have said you are hot then it must be true.

Why do all the hot guys come from Canada?

No. Hot guys come form almost everywhere !!!!!!

How evil is school?

VERY but you get to see you friends and hot guys or girls(for me hot guys) EVERY EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are tall guys hot?

It is really your personal opinion everybody dose not think tall guys are hot

Where is the best area to find hot guys?

Hot area to find guys would have to be at a beach or a gym. A lot of guys go to the gym to built up there body's and to make themselves look hot. Beaches have a lot of hot guys as well since, they like to flaunt what they have.

What do girls like in a guys picture?

No guys hot 1s!

Why do girls consider guys childish?

Because guys do gross immature things

Is there HOT guys?


When was Five Guys in a Really Hot Garage created?

Five Guys in a Really Hot Garage was created in 1996.