Where is the best area to find hot guys?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hot area to find guys would have to be at a beach or a gym. A lot of guys go to the gym to built up there body's and to make themselves look hot. Beaches have a lot of hot guys as well since, they like to flaunt what they have.

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Q: Where is the best area to find hot guys?
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lol that for me to no and you to find out!

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They don't.

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They don't.

Where can you find hot guys?

I would say that one can find hot guys just about anywhere that is inhabited on the planet. Granted, peoples' tastes vary, and in some cases, a certain ethnic group may not be considered very "hot" to someone. I would recommend that such a person look in places where that ethnic group is not the dominant one to find guys they would consider hot. And yes, Donegal, Ireland, is one place where hot guys might be found, as a previous answerer said. If the questioner had a specific area in mind (for example she/he lives in a particular neighborhood of Capetown, South Africa and would like the name of a bar or club nearby that would be a likely spot to find hot guys), perhaps a more specific question is in order.

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hot topic

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