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They look like round circles or ovals and have a slightly purplish tinge or can be white. They don't look any different than other drugs.

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Q: What do epilim chrono tablets look like?
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What does a Magna RX pill look like?

its look like a capsools but its tablets

What do tertroxin tablets look like?

See the link below.

Why iron tablets were not hard and didnot look like iron at allwhat tablets contained?

the tablets contained the compounds of iron due to which the entire properties of iron transformed.

What does Allopurinol tablets look like?

100mg tablet is round and white and can be split in two

What do all methadone 10 mgs tablets look like?

like a handfull of white pills with various markings

What do losartan tablets look like?

In the UK the tablets are small white ovals.

What does metatoprol 50 mg tablets look like?

Depends on the manufacturer. Mine are white caplets.

25 mg - CO-Quetiapine tablets. what do they look like?

What does co quetiapine 25 mg do and what are they for.

Why iron tablets were not hard and didnot look like iron at allwhat do you think tablets contained?

in the UK,all pills list their contents minutely along with several pages of notes

What do topiramate 25mg ZYD tablets look like?

Need to know what side affects Topiramate 25 mg zyd has

What does a trazodone pill look like?

well trazodone comes in 25mg 50mg, 100mg, and also 150mg , tablets. I have had the 100 mg tablets and also the 150 mg tablets. The 100 mg tablets are round white tablets I can't remember the score's that was on it, but the 150 mg tablets have a line down the middle on one side, and on that same side it is scored with bar 732, on the reverse side it is scored with three 50's

When a doctor diagnosed a patient with iron deficiency and gave them iron tablets but the tablets were not hard and did not look like iron at all so what did the tablets contain?

In the UK, all pills list their contents minutely, along with several pages of notes on side effects. So you should be able to find out by reading the notes.