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== == == == * They are large in size == == * Most women are far more intelligent than to worry about penis size. It is true that boyfriends want to hear that they are good lovers as far as sex is concerned, but also, men of any age usually like to hear their girlfriend or wife say they feel safe when they are with him. Men are about masculinity which includes protecting the weaker sex, working hard, have a sense of humor and listening to what she may have to say and that he loves her. Of course in reality not all men are like this (and not all women are 'sugar and spice and everything nice.') A smart confident woman knows she is quite capable of looking after herself (at least a good percentage of women) but the truth of the matter is, we do need a good man beside us to make us feel safe in an otherwise harsh world. For women of any substance they see through 'large sized penis' and see what the man is really made out .. his inner soul. == == * Here's my Top Ten List: * Just sit there, I'll bring you a beer. * I left the seat up for you. * It's sooo big! * I've never done this before. * Don't worry. We can live on my salary. * You can't miss Joe's bachelor party. * I don't like condoms either. * Let's have a three-way with my best friend. * Of course I'll swallow. * MMFFTF! * I love you with all my heart. * Do you want to have my baby.

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Q: What do boys want to hear their girlfriends tell them?
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How can I tell if I want to be a girl?

i know this isn't the answer some people want to hear but really you can just tell if u want to be one or not. some people are girls in a boys body or boys in a girls body.

Do guys just tell you something you'll want to hear so they can get you?

Boys just want to touch your boobs.

Why don't boys want girlfriends?

Some boys want girlfriends and other's don't, but I think that most boys will begin dating at some point in their life. It all depends on how old they are or whether or not they are ready for a relationship.

What kind of girls do boys most want as girlfriends?

If you have to ask, you're not it...

How do you win over your ex girlfriends parents so they will let you get back together?

make them hear what they want to hear

Why do boys need to have girlfriend?

There a two main reasons boys need girlfriends. Not all boys want girlfriends when they're in their teens. But the boys that do usually get a girlfriend to make themselves more popular and so they look "cooler". The other reason is that they most likely want sex too.

How do guys want their girlfriends to be like?

boys want girls to act sexy to them but only them no other boy or apparently the girls are cheating on them. Boys want to girls kiss them in front of there friends but no flirting with no other boys

Why do boys get so mad when their girlfriends just want to hang out with their guy friends?

Jealousy and/or insecurity.

Why does your boyfriend want to make out?

Boys are in need of physical bonding at a very early age. Thus they want to make out with girlfriends.

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Um.... they don't

Do alcoholics tell you what you want to hear?

Alcoholics tell you what they believe will help guarantee their continued access to their drug. If it happens to coincide with what you want to hear, all the better.

How do you tell your best friend you don't want to be girlfriends with her?

just tell her that your strait or not in love with her and hope this doesn't effect your friendship.

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