What causes scratchy throat?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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Usually many type of viruses can cause the sore throat. Then streptococci can be the causative organism amongst the bacteria. Previously the diphtheria bacilli was responsible for sore throat. Now it is replaced by gonococci in adults.

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You can buy OTC medication in a drug store. Besides them, you can gargle salty water (helps only for a short time), drink herbal tea, eat a lot of fruits and vegetable but avoid spicy food or sharp pieces of food (like chips) difficult to swallow.

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It can be cause from singing,yelling or talking to much It can also be a symptom of certain types of colds.

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Bacteria and viruses causing colds or a form of respiratory illness, Allergies, lack of moisture in the air, air pollution in the form of smog or very poor air quality, Asthma, smoking, etc.

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Q: What causes scratchy throat?
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Why might your throat get scratchy when you eat or drink?

you may have mucus in your throat. I know this because I had it before

What can salt water effect?

Salt water can cure a scratchy throat

Is honey good for coughs?

Honey can help with a scratchy throat. It sooths it.

What is a french idiom?

J'ai un chat dans mon gorge. (I have a cat in my throat). Used when you have a really scratchy throat during a cold or something.

Are marshmallows good for a scratchy throat?

No, candy does not help any sickness. They taste good but they do not cure anything.

How do you make the scratchy note?

you sort of close your throat take a deep breath and sing easy try it!

What causes a fuzzy throat feeling?

A "fuzzy" throat can have many causes. Allergies can cause your throat to feel fuzzy due to postnasal drip, or strep throat can begin with a fuzzy feeling in your throat.

Why does my voice sound scratchy when I sing after I had a cold a month ago?

Did you have a sore throat? if yes, then maybe it affected your voice for a little while. My cold stop a few days ago,plus i had a sore throat, but i couldn't sing very well without my voice sounding scratchy. it will probably get back to normal soon. hope this helped! ~D~

What is the icd-9 code for itchy eyes and scratchy throat?

An ICD-9 code for medical billing and coding of itchy eyes and sore throat would be 784.99. This encompasses conditions of the head and neck.

How when do you know when to have to have your tonsils taking out?

Either when a partner or doctor notices it, or you have a great, scratchy painful feeling in your throat and you're sure it isn't strep.

Is the cat itchy or scratchy?

Scratchy is the cat on The Itchy & Scratchy Show.

Is scratchy an adjective?

Yes. Her voice is scratchy. (scratchy describes voice)