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I AM NOT A DOCTOR. So this is not a definitive answer. I lost a lot of weight over a period of over two years--from 245 to 178. About the time I reached 200 I noticed that my xiphoid process was bent outward, the fat now being gone from there. My xiphoid process was originally normal. Since I was heavy for about 20 years, in my 30's and 40's, I think that sitting down or lounging with my big belly put enough pressure on it for a long enough time to gradually bend it up. I have seen posts on other forums from men who have lost weight who suddenly noticed the same thing. So this is "anecdotal" for sure but it seems to me that it is a pretty good explanation. There are lots of cultures in the world that "sculpt" human bone structure by putting pressure on specific areas for long periods of time. Also, corestted women report changes to the shapes of their rib cages after long term corsetting.

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Q: What causes protruding of xiphoid process?
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