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They don't. It's not just one gender as that would be plain sexist. It is because of the sweat that gathers on their body and that releases a smell. The human body releases sweat for cooling the body, and that sweat also contains toxins, bacteria, and hormone metabolites. If boys smell more, it is probably because they play more sports like football and sweat more. However girls cover it up with deodorant. So in fact, anyone can have body odor.

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What makes you think that girls urine smells any better

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the only reason your urine stinks is because all of that bacteria and fat is coming out when you pee and fart

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Because they are all gayyyyyyyyyyyy

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Q: What causes a mans urine to start smelling really bad?
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What would cause a mans urine to start smelling really strong?

Not drinking enough water

What are the possible causes of strong-smelling urine?

Strong smelling urine can occur from a few sources, my answer is incomplete but at least you'll have more info. If you are dehydrated or not drinking enough water. Depending on the smell. you have have an infection which really needs to be treated by a Dr.

What causes guava smelling urine?

Eating too much guava.

What causes yeasty smelling urine?

UTI could cause smelly urine. If its yeasty smelling it could be vaginal yeast infection but could also be a UTI. Go to the doc and get a urine test. Always the best thing to do :)

What causes pink urine?

Any number of causes. Food and the start of a period.

What could be wrong strong smelling urine and bloated stomach?

strong smelling urine and bloated stomach

My cat licks her bottom then smiles. Why is this?

She's testing her scent. That 'smile' is really their way of smelling easier. Cats usually do this when smelling other cats bottoms or urine. They can get a lot of information about the cat they're smelling this way.

How do you treat sweet smelling urine?

Sweet smelling urine can indicate serious medical issues, including diabetes. Pregnant women can also have sweet smelling urine. If a person's urine smells sweet, they should probably see a doctor to determine the cause. Once a cause is determined, the doctor can decide on a treatment.

Can you come out positive in a urine test just by smelling it?


Why does my urine smell?

you ate something bad tasting or smelling

What is the Medical term meaning foul-smelling urine?


Does bad smelling urine denote a sine of kidney failure?