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strong smelling urine and bloated stomach

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Q: What could be wrong strong smelling urine and bloated stomach?
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Your stomach is bloated what could be the problem?

your on your period or about to startormaybe its not bloating and your just fat

You have back pain your stomach feels bloated what does this mean?

Could be an early sign of pregnancy, or PMS

You have backache brown discharge have missed your period headache and bloated stomach?

You could possibly be pregnant , in the early stages.

Why after sex you had stomach ache and bloated stomach what does this mean?

u could be allergic to his sperm - or maybe too much air has been pumped in? I doubt your allergic to sperm. Take a pregnancy test

Is Milky discharge a early pregnancy symptom Also you feel very bloated and sometimes pain at the bottom of your stomach could you be pregnant?


Why does the top part of your stomach seem blotted?

I assume you mean the upper part of your abdomen is "bloated" or swollen. Could someone else who is qualified please try an answer?

After eating some peanut mix you got bloated felt nauseated and had extreme stomach pain What can cause this?

Bloating, nausea and stomach pain could be caused by a food intolerance, a gastrointestinal infection or simply by over-eating.

If your stomach is bloated and you started being more thirsty and you have started developing acne and you haven't had sexual intercourseis that your period or could it mean that you are pregnant?

You have to have sex to become preg

What is the function of mucus that coats the stomach wall?

The mucus coats the inside of your stomach to prevent the strong hydrochloric acids in your stomach from wearing your stomach away and creating a hole. The acid is so strong, that if it was outside the body, it could burn a hole in your shirt.

What to do if a hamster has a gas pain?

If your hamsters stomach is bloated, there is obviously something wrong with it. The could be a number of things wrong; it could have eaten too much, the proctective wall around the stomach could be broken, or it could be gas. either way, see a vet before you do any poking and prodding.

Why does your stomach feel tight?

If you have tightness in the stomach, it could mean that you have been doing many muscular endurance excersizes, like sit ups, curl ups, pull ups, etc.

Bloated hard lower stomach for 3 weeks what could it be?

And i took 3 pregnancy test and came out neg.NO period juss spoting for two days juss enough to show up when i wiped.