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Well it depends on the girl but I know all you gotta do is touch me the right way.

Some girls love you if you're funny or sweet and nice to the girl yeah and most girls find out that they love you by touch but a good touch!

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To sexually arouse a woman be attentive to how she perceives you.

Sexual arousal in a woman is influenced by relationship, your attitude and situation.

Here is what you can do to cause sexual arousal, call it lust, romance, or love, in a woman.

Relationship: In married or committed relationship sexual arousal is kept alive by nurturing all throughout your life, enthusiasm, novelty, acceptance, expression of love and communicating expectations. When in the bedroom what brings sexual excitement is Privacy, Secrecy and Shamelessness. To bring sensuous mood you can choose decor such as lighting, perfume, lingerie, particular place, picnics (honey moon), position, and manner of giving sexual pleasure. Innovate new ways of expressing love such as giving Greeting Card of Love. What not to do is not to nag with criticism and complaints.

Socially accepted norms, such as marriage, only indicate whether sex is permissible or not permissible.

Attitude: Communication of sexual interest (romance) begins primarily through eye contact. The arousal is further kindled by chatting (over phone or internet or during personal meeting). Sexual arousal is an emotional affair, not physical. If sex is physics, love is chemistry. Imagination works, not intelligence.

Though it is said, "Love happens," there are factors that make love happen. Therefore some men are good at igniting sexual arousal (good lovers) others are not.

Wealth, Celebrity status, Physique apart, Personality is one important determinant causing sexual arousal. Even if you do not have the first three, that is you are not wealthy, celebrity or handsome hunk you can heighten sexual arousal if you cultivate the personality as mentioned below.

To define this personality that attracts a woman the two words 'bad boy' are useful.

It is not appreciation, compliments, gift or wooing that causes sexual arousal, but being naughty.

It is not by looking over, but it is overlooking that increases arousal. Attitude of being difficult to get, or I don't care about you, or irreverence ignites passion. Being humorously mischievious, wild jokes at her make inhibitions fall down.

Situation: Staying, studying, working in close proximity gives more opportunity to make her fall in love.

Medicines containing hormones namely, estrogen with or without testosterone, in the form of skin patches or tablets or injections bring about sexual arousal in those women who by due clinical examination and investigation by Qualified Doctor are proved to be having loss of libido due to hormonal imbalance. Example women in perimenopausal period.

Mediciines that lift mood, the antidepressants, increase sexual arousal, which was diminished due to Phoenix Disorder (Endogenous Depression).

What does not cause increase in sexual arousal in woman are as follows.

Behavior: Nagging, belittling with criticism and complaints.

Medicines/Substances: Alcohol does not cause sexual arousal, but it does decrease inhibitions in men as well as in women. Alcohol is not proven to be an aprodisiac [substance causing sexual arousal]. In some animals pheromones secreted by the body cause compulsive sexual attraction. Such a chemical is not yet found to influence sexual arousal in humans.

Unlike a man who craves lustily on seeing woman's body, women are not sexually aroused just by looking at man's body part and are not impressed by man's penis.

Remember the P-cock syndrome, which says that though almost all men believe that lengh, girth, tightness of penis, how long, how often they do sex, increases woman's sexual arousal this belief is a MYTH. It is MISTAKE of male psyche.

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say this: u look hot in that outfit.......or say something about her eyes-itll make her happy :)

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Q: What can you say to a girl to turn her on?
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