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Your finger is inside the ring meaning she wants your finger to be inside her. Its meant to be a turn-on.

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Q: What does it mean if a girl say i want to be your pinky ring?
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Does wearing a ring on the pinky finger mean anything?

Yes, it means you never want to be married

Why would a Mexican wear a pinky ring?

There is no reason why a Mexican would wear a pinky ring. This is a personal choice, meaning they, along with anyone else, would wear one simply because they want to.

What does your pinky finger mean in India?

Raised pinky means you want to go pee (in other words, go do #1).

What does 18k hce a mean on a ring?

Want does 18k hce on a ring

Who owns the engagement ring when the girl cheats?

The guy should since he bought it. But if he doesn't want it, then the girl gets it.

Do guys buy a girl diamond ring if it's not engagement ring?

Yes, a guy can buy a girl a diamond ring, even if he isn't proposing. But, you'll want to make sure it's not an engagement ring, like a solitaire, or she may get the wrong idea.

Could a boy be a flower girl in a wedding?

sure, if you want. but usally they are the ring barrers.

If you do sexual stuff with a girl but you where a pure ring does it mean your not pure anymore?

You are not pure anymore if you do engage in any sexual activity, but that doesnt mean you are a bad person. If its what you want and you treat sex with respect than there is nothing wrong with it.

What does it mean when a girl says she want to drag you?

it mean that she think she all that but she not . it also mean that she want to fight you .

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Can I get an engagement ring from tag Heuer?

I wouldn't buy an engagement ring from tag Heuer for your girl unless you want her to wear it around her wrist. I would stick to them for watches and go to engagement stores for the ring.