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the health habits and practices is a holistic health

for example: like i read books surf the internet it is an example of a holistic health

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Connie Marie Paghasi...

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For Strong and healthy bones and muscle do exercise daily

For Strong and healthy mind do meditation and yoga daily

For healthy and satisfying Sexual health use useful supplement buy consulting doctor. If you are facing ED you can buy generic pills online from trusted website visit my profile to find website.

Simple and easy. Doesn't it?!!

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gym oclock

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Health Habits and practices are an important part of our lives as it defines the health defines the physical, mental and social well being of an individual. So be disciplined about health habits and practices for a healthy lifestyle.

Here some good practices to embrace:

  1. Start your day with warm water and soaked almonds

  2. 1 hour of any Exercise, workout - be it sport, cardio, running, gym. Any activity that you enjoy and motivates you must be done consistently

  3. Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner that is rich in protein like sprouts, whole grains, local millets, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Do not over eat, eat at regular interval of 3 hours

  4. Avoid excessive Alcohol consumption, Smoke and drugs

  5. Get good amount amount of sleep as it rejuvenates the body

  6. Keep your body hydrated

  7. Have a balanced work and personal life

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  1. Go to the restroom when you need to2. Try to eat a healthy diet

3. Chew fully when you are eating

4. Brush your teeth at least 2 a day

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i say that my habits is good for my physical and health my practices is good for the others

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Q: What can you say about your health habits and practices?
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Consumptive practices are the habits and behavior that contribute to the consumption of goods, food, services and other resources.

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Write the objectives of yogic practices?

The objectives of yogic practices are: to develop healthy habits and lifestyle. to inclulcate human values.

Health practices of Thailand?

Health practices in Thailand include coin rubbing and herbal medications. They also believe in spirits that have to do with ones health.

What is the difference of Health Habits and Food Habits?

health habit means you exercise while food habit means eat balance diet

What skill are you using when you try to recognize the effects of culture media and friends on your health habits?

You are analyzing influences when you attempt to recognize the effects of culture, media, and friends on your health habits.

Why preventative habits are important in mantaning good health?

Preventative habits are healthy habits that help you maintain good health. Exercising regularly and eating healthy foods are preventative habits that help improve your health and help you avoid illness.

The importance of maintaining good health habits?

Maintaining good health habits is a secret of every happy man. There is an old saying that "Health is Wealth." If your health is good then you are good, if you are good then you can work properly, and if you can work properly then you get wealth.

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How does early healthy habits improve your health?

Early healthy habits improve your health because you'll be fit and by eating the right things it is less likely for you to get sick.

What word is synonyms for the word customs?

traditions, practices, conventions, rituals, policies, rules, usages, habits, ways, procedures