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Tell someone that you need help, you need help if your in that situation, i promise hat getting help will change your life...good luck and i hope that this helps you :)

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Q: What can you do instead of cutting myself and leaving scars but will still hurt?
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What are the ratings and certificates for Leaving Scars - 1997?

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How do yo get rid of the scars left after cutting yourself?

Try using a cream that improves the severity of scars. I think one of those creams is Mederma.

What are the consequence of cutting yourself?

The consequences are having scars for life, loosing a lot of blood, going to a mental health hospital.

Is it weird to like the scars on your wrists from cutting?

Well, it matters if you ment th e cut to happen, if so your emo.

What is the name of that song that goes who do you think you are running around leaving scars?

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"My face fell flat on the pavement leaving me with scrapes and scars to last a lifetime."

How do you cut yurself with out the pain?

You don't. Cutting usually indicates some sort of emotional problem, and you really should talk to a mental health professional about it. Remember, cutting can lead to infections and scars, as well as pain!

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Do people scrape their skin with a knife?

Yes.They would normally scrape their skin with penknife leaving scars on their hands when they felt stressful.

How do you cover up your cutting scars when Im dressing out in pe. i cut on my left shoulder and on my right wrist but if i dress out you can see my scars on my shoulder. please help me.?

It would probably be best not to cover them. Then someone at the school can see that you get the help you need to stop.

How many scars do YOU have from cutting yourself?

9 on my left arm 4 on my right arm 2 on my right leg 1 on my hip 16 in total

What is the Cure for mulluscom contagiosm?

There is no cure, it can be treated but not cured. It will last about 18 months then go away without leaving scars, unless you scratch it.