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Q: What can make you smell like meldo?
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What does iron smell like?

It doesn't have a smell. We make the smell our selves.

Can the smell of marijuana make you sick?

depends if you like the smell ,but no

Can a Spirit smell like cookies?

im sure they can make themselves smell like anything

Does poop make a good pet?

well if like the smell then i ya. well if like the smell then i ya. well if like the smell then i ya. Um? No?

What are traps are like?

They make the house smell like dead rodents!!

How do they make candles smell like real food?


Does Guinness make you farts smell like eggs?


Does beer make your farts smell like eggs?


How do you make marijuana smell like it smells today?

Marijuana smells the same. It should not matter when it was made. It will smell like it smells anytime.

What did the boy say to the girl perfume?

Hey you smell nice I don't make a lot of scents but if I did they'd smell like you.

Why does clean and natural hand sanitizer make your hands smell like fruit loops?

Hand sanitizers can make hands smell like fruit loops because of the chemical residue. The odor of the chemicals, combined, creates a fruity smell.

Does the new car smell scented car freshner really make my car smell new?

It makes your car smell somewhat new, but be careful as too much will make it smell like a cab, unless of course you want to go for the cab smell.