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1.being laid off from your job

2.take 8 houres of sleep

3.working out in the gym

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Q: What are three things in your environment that can affect your health?
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What are three ways your environment can affect your health?

UV rays, pollution, natural disasters

What are three influeces on health?

environment, diet, stress

What are three ways how the Sumerians affect the environment?

why dont you check your book

What are the three ways that environmental problems may affect human health?

Our health and quality of life are affected by the state of the environment. Pollution and habitat destruction destroy the resources we need to live, such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

What are three toxins in the environment that affect cells?

Three toxins in the environment that can affect cells are heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, and cadmium), air pollutants (such as particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide), and pesticides (such as organophosphates and glyphosate). These toxins can disrupt cellular function, damage DNA, and lead to various health problems.

What are three factors that affect reproductive potential?

Three factors that affect reproductive potential include age (fertility declines with age), health (physical and reproductive health can impact fertility), and genetic factors (inherited conditions that may affect fertility).

What are three things that affect oil prices in 1945?


Name and describe three human activities that affect the environment?

Driving, build the buildings

What are three variables that affect a living system?

temperature, food, environment

What are three examples of things that are not personal sales?

The three examples of things that are not personal sales are food products, health, and educative products.

Which three components determine lifestyle?

health, priority, and risk are three components that determine lifestyle

What 3 personal behaviors have a direct effect on your health?

Internal health influences are mental caused by yourself. Some examples are your likes and dislikes, morals and values, and knowledge--that is, what you perceive as good or bad.