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temperature, food, environment

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Chemicals of life

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Q: What are three variables that affect a living system?
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Name three variables that affect a living system?

environment,temperature,and food

What are three variables that affect a human living system?

Five required variables for human life are:oxygenwaternutrients; foodelimination of wastesall organ systems functioning well enough to sustain life, even if an organ is somewhat diseased

What three variables directly affect the amount of money that you are able to save?


What are three variables that affect saving money?

time, amount, and interest

How many solutions does a system of linear equations in three variables have?


What methods of solving systems are needed to solve a three variable system?

Simultaneous equations are usually used in mathematics to find the values of three variables within a system.

What are three variables that don't affect gravity?

-- race -- creed -- color -- gender identification -- age -- political affiliation -- density

What is an equation made with two variables called?

An equation with two variables . . . seriously!An equation with one variable can be can be solved, but when there are two variables, you need two equations. This is called a system of two equations in two variables.Three equations in three variables, etc.

Variables of a religious system?

Variables of a religious system consist of four pillars. They are similar to variables in a business system but are called by different names. One - a building or gathering place (church building) or (office building) two - a group of people (congregation) or (stakeholders) three - a record keeping system (scriptures) or (accounts receivable and payable) four- a promise to fulfill an agreement (ordinances) or (contracts)

Why is graphing a system of inequalities a good way to show the solution set?

I am not at all convinced that it is. With more than three variables it is almost impossible and even with 3 variables, it is hard going.

How many variables are tested during an experiment?

There are three types of variables tested: manipulated variables, controlled variables, and experimental variables.

What are the three variables that play an important role in a Practical Investigation?

Independent Variables, Dependent Variables and Extraneous Variables.