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A workers responsibility when taking care of clients needs would rely on what type of job it was. Some workers have to take care of everything from bathing to feeding clients.

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Q: What are the workers responsability when taking care of client needs?
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How in your opinion can community workers identify the cultural needs of clients and co-workers?

The culturally diverse client groups are workers that have their opinion on workers identify and cultural needs. This is told to other clients and workers.

Cultural needs of clients and or co-workers?

Culturally diverse client groups often have complex needs related to their clients, we often have within our team co-workers whose cultural.

Where do you locate the level of physical assistance a client needs with medication?

Where do you locate the level of physical assistance a client needs with medication

What intellectual needs does an alzheimer's client need?

know the client likes and dislikes

When working in the community what does it mean to you to be client centred?

First and foremost, the client-centered approach means that services to the client must be focused on the needs of the client from the client's perspective.

Tell me about a time when you met the needs of a client who did not make it clear what he wanted?

Tell me about a time when you met the needs of a client who did not make it clear what he wanted"

What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a case history of a client within counselling?

I'm not sure there are disadvantages. The counselor needs to know the background of the person they are working with in order to understand where they are coming from.

How do see server doing by client?

A client cannot see what a server is doing; the only thing that can be monitored by the client is the data communication between the client and the server. If the client needs to see what is going on in the server then the client needs to connect to the server using remote desktop protocol, Terminal Services, telnet, or some other way to directly connect to the server.

Duties of a client relationship officer?

The client relationship officer is supposed to make sure clients needs are met.

Care plan for a wheelchair bound client?

write a care plan for the assessment of needs for a wheelchair-bound client

What can the management do to satisfy the needs of workers as describe in maslow's model explain?

Give workers their basic needs before tryng to ask for more.

What is organizational guidelines definition in terms of client support?

Organizational guidelines can be defined as the process in which the needs of a client are handled. The customer care representative handling the client's questions or concerns will be trained to direct the client to various experts within the company based on what severity their needs may be or specific services they are seeking.

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